Our prize winning gardens

Each year St Vincent’s Hospital enters the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers Chronicle Garden Competition, judged in September in time for the city’s annual flower festival.

For many years the St Vincent’s garden has been awarded first prize in the Hospitals and Nursing Homes category. We are extremely proud of our colourful, peaceful and serene gardens.

The garden areas are a beautiful place to simply sit and take in the fresh air. Patients and families are often found spending time in the gardens at Entrance 2. Staff members sometimes take their lunch break in the garden area.

Being part of the garden competition is a wonderful community connection and we find many tourists stop by during September. Our exceptional gardening team, which includes staff and volunteers, ensure the garden is in great shape year-round.

St_Vincents_garden_near_entrance_2_pink_flowers StVincents_garden_near_entrance_shaped_tree StVincents_garden_near_chapel2