At St Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba we recognise that our staff are our most valuable resource and as such their education, development and welfare are vital to achieving our mission.

Fundamental to this belief is an endorsement of the concept of persons, beginning with an understanding of the diversity of our unique talents and skills. Recognising diversity within SVPHT helps us to appreciate and connect the great variety of gifts people bring to the workplace. We believe each person’s work should be, and can be, productive and rewarding, meaningful and maturing, and enriching and fulfilling.

By conceiving a vision and pursuing it together, we can reach our goals personally, professionally and organisationally. We are a people-oriented organisation. We intend, through honest examination of our environment and our work, to meet the needs of our staff and those we serve. Shared mission, shared values, shared ideas, shared respect, shared goals, a sense of integrity, a sense of quality, and a sense of caring are the basis of our organisational value system.

If you have any questions regarding the education of staff please contact:

Clinical Nurse Educator –
Staff Development Coordinator
St Vincent’s Hospital Toowoomba

Tel: 07 4690 4473

Alternatively you can get in contact by filling out this form:


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