International Nurses Day



May 12 is International Nurses Day and St Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba acknowledges the dedication and commitment of our nurses. It is a wonderful day to join together to celebrate our amazing nurses and the daily contributions they make to so many people’s lives.   

This year the International council of Nurses took the theme of Improving Health Systems Resilience.

“the resilience of a health system is its capacity to respond, adapt, and strengthen when exposed to a shock, such as a disease outbreak, natural disaster, or conflict”  Campbell et al (2014)

In the busy life of most practising nurses, thinking about how nurses can support and strengthen the health system we work in is not a common activity. Yet the need to develop our thinking, planning and profile in this important area is all too evident. Nurses make a significant contribution to developing and maintaining resilience in health systems. We contribute to service development; supervise and develop other members of the team; work with and advocate for patients, their carers and communities; collect data and inform the development of evidence. There are many examples where nurses have been drivers of transformational change.

For that reason, our response may naturally tend to be about continuity, to carry on doing as we do now.  We do it well, after all.


The challenges of the right skill sets for new futures, how do we embrace digital technologies, start to think about how to demonstrate quality and impact and what does the leadership of nursing look like into the future..

Nurses will continue to be resilient and come together to address those challenges. 

The Executive team and I warmly wish each and every nurse in our family the most wonderful day, know you are so very highly regarded and appreciated.

In other recent news our hospital also celebrated International Midwives Day on May 5. We held a special morning tea for new mums and families in our Dorothea Devine (Maternity) Unit and also presented our midwives with a branded coffee cup (“I’m a midwife, what’s your superpower?”).

Another awareness day in May is National Volunteers’ Week and we again celebrated with a special morning tea. I am in awe of the work our volunteers – they are welcoming and warm to all and we truly appreciate their efforts at our hospital.


God Bless,

Kathryn McKeefry