Diabetes Services

Our diabetes service treats newly diagnosed patients, people who have lived with a chronic illness for a long period of time, women with gestational diabetes, children with diabetes and patient in the pre-diabetes stages.

AH Diabetes, a private allied health diabetes education service, provides tools and education to patients, including help with insulin and other medications, diet and exercise and any other related information the patient requires.

Diabetes – a growing local health problem

St Vincent’s Hospital identified the need for a diabetes clinical service in 2015 following over 2,000 patient admissions involving diabetes.

Diabetes is a growing problem across Australia and particularly on the Darling Downs. In September 2015 Diabetes Queensland announced that following an in-depth study it was revealed more than eight people a day develop diabetes in our region.

Managing diabetes

There are very dire consequences if diabetes is not managed properly. Left undiagnosed and untreated, diabetes can lead to many complications including heart disease or stroke.

Managing diabetes affects a person’s whole life, however once insulin levels are controlled, diet and exercise managed and medication stabilized, people with diabetes live a normal life.

The AH Diabetes team

As a diabetes patient you will have access to a range of allied health professionals, including four credentialled diabetes educators, a dietitian, plus referral to specialist physicians, endocrinologists and paediatric endocrinologists.