St Vincent’s Private Hospital Diagnostic Cardiology Service

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Diagnostic Cardiology Service is an exciting new service developed and delivered in collaboration with an experienced team of cardiologists from HeartCare Partners, Hearts 1st and Downs Cardiac Clinic.

The team is locally based and will provide a comprehensive range of specialised cardiac diagnostic services. 

The service is fully supported by our highly experienced and dedicated teams in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 24 hour Emergency Centre, Toowoomba’s only private Emergency service and Queensland X-Ray.

Cardiac Catheter Laboratory

The new hybrid theatre at St Vincent’s is the first of its kind in Australia and New Zealand and features a unique integrated cath lab workflow and ClarityIQ Technology that continuously collects vital signs and patient care information before, during and after procedure, along the continuum of care, to produce a complete procedural record. 

This seamless flow of information leads to faster more accurate patient outcomes and enables the hospital staff to fully focus on what they do best – providing superior care to patients. 

The system also produces exceptional image quality with radiation dose levels far below the industry standard, which results in an average of 50% dose reduction for cardiac patients, up to 85% reduction for vascular patients and importantly a 70% reduction in scattered dose for staff working in the lab.

Cardiac Ward

St Vincent’s is currently creating a new 16 bed specialised cardiac medical unit featuring private rooms equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring to ensure patients recover safely, in a comfortable, modern and peaceful environment. The unit will be run by a team of experienced nursing staff, closely supported by the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Medical staff and on call admitting Cardiologists, as well as the 24 hour Emergency Service and Queensland X-Ray.

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Diagnostic Services 

Diagnostic Services