Endoscopy Unit

The SVPHT Day Surgery Unit has two dedicated procedure rooms for diagnostic and screening endoscopy procedures.


Our pre-admission staff will ensure you are ready for your procedure prior to admission. You are welcome to contact the call centre on 1800 655 099 if you have any concerns.

Procedure day

Please go to the Day Surgery reception desk on the day of your scheduled procedure unless advised otherwise. You will be asked to complete some paperwork and then admitted by the nurse who will prepare you for your procedure.

Once your admission is complete, you will be seated in a waiting lounge until you are required for your procedure. Please allow 3 -4 hours from time of admission until you are ready to be discharged.

Post-procedure care

You must arrange for a responsible adult to care for you for 12 hours following your procedure. This person will be required to collect you from the Day Surgery Unit when you are ready to be discharged. Failure to have a suitable carer may result in your procedure being cancelled.

Accessing the hospital

Short-term car parking (less than 30 minutes) for patient drop-off and pick up is available in the hospital grounds accessible via entrance 4, Curzon Street.

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