Book To Have Your Baby With Us

St Vincent's Private Hospital Toowoomba has helped generations of mothers bring their babies into the world and we are here to support you as you deliver yours.

If you are planning to have your baby at St Vincent’s Private Hospital please register your details with us well in advance of your due date.

To register, simply call our Admission Call Centre on 1800 655 099. 

We will ask you for the following details:
• Medicare number
• Private health insurance details (including your table or level of cover)
• Pension Card/Health Benefits Card (if relevant)
• Pharmacy Benefits Card/Safety Net Card 
• Request for Admission Form (a blue form).

If you are hearing impaired or experience any other communication difficulties, a relative or friend may assist you with your admission calls. 


When we have received your registration, one of our midwives will contact you. They will ask you for the following information:
• a list of your current medications - including dosage and times taken 
• your Request for Admission Form
• your doctor’s Antenatal Card.