Birthing suites

Our beautiful modern birthing suites are spacious, warm and welcoming. All suites feature:

  • personal ensuite
  • private balcony
  • personal, private sitting area
  • flatscreen television, telephone and Wi-Fi,
  • therapeutic comfort options including fitballs, bean bags and birth stools.

Two of the birth suites have baths for your use during labour. If you would like to use this facility please advise us when you book into hospital so that we can try to accommodate your request. 

Other therapeutic comfort options are available to help manage your pain and facilitate birth. These include:

• TENS machine
• birthing mats
• birth balls
• birthing beds
• showers
• aromatherapy 
• iPod jacks for music therapy
• wi-fi connectivity.

A fridge is also available in the kitchenette attached to the labour ward.

If you choose to have support people to stay with you during labour and birth, we suggest you plan to have no more than two people present at any one time. Your support people are able to stay throughout the labour and a comfortable recliner is available for them. 

Our expert team of midwives, your private obstetrician, paediatrician and anaesthetist (if required) will be available around the clock to provide you with personalised care, advice and support and to ensure you and your baby's safe care.

You will be transferred to the maternity ward a few hours after the birth of your baby.

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