Breastfeeding Support

St Vincent’s Hospital encourages and supports breastfeeding. When learning to breastfeed, you and your baby may require some help along the way. 
Our midwives will support you throughout your breastfeeding journey and help you learn how to breastfeed comfortably. The experienced midwives caring for you and your baby will provide you with information and support from the first hours after birth. Go to Expert care for your baby – 0-3 days

Lactation Clinic service

A dedicated Lactation Clinic service is available (free of charge for the initial visit). This service provides support and advice to new mothers who may be experiencing difficulty breastfeeding. 
The dedicated and highly experienced lactation consultants will assist you in establishing breastfeeding and offer advice:
• positioning and attachment
• managing sore nipples
• milk supply assessments
• mastitis
• any other breastfeeding concerns.

Breastfeeding – it’s your choice

We recommend breastfeeding according to your baby’s needs. Supplementary formula or a dummy will not be given to your baby without your consent. 
We respect your decision should you decide to bottle feed your baby, and will provide support, assistance and education to help you. If you intend on bottle-feeding, we request that you bring formula, bottles and teats of your choice with you when you come into hospital. 

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