Going Home With Baby

Discharge is by 10am 

Before you leave 

Before you leave the hospital, make sure you or your support person knows how to care for you and your baby at home. 
Check with your midwife, nurse or doctor about continuing medication and any follow-up appointments. These usually include an appointment with your obstetrician 6 weeks after the delivery of your baby to assess your recovery. You should also see your GP when your baby is 4 weeks old for a check up. 
Please do not forget to collect any x-rays, scans or medications brought with you on admission. 

Settling your account

Before you leave we request that you finalise your account at the Main Reception. Go to costs and accounts

Travelling home by car

Your baby must be transported home in a suitable baby safety capsule that is fitted to your vehicle, by law. RACQ and Queensland Ambulance fit and hire capsules if you need help. 
You and your baby can be collected from the pick-up parking bay at Entrance 1. You are requested to move your vehicle as soon as you are able so that others can access the drop off area. 

Community services 

A range of services is offered to advise and assist you with parenting and caring for yourself and your baby at home. These include: 
• your GP 
• Child, Youth and Family Health Tel: (07) 4616 6812 or 1343 2584 after hours (13 HEALTH)
Australian Breast Feeding Association (ABFA) 
• Postnatal Depression (PND) Support Group Phone 0417 632 188 
• pharmacy baby clinics
• Childbirth and Parenting Education Association (CPEA)
• Playgroup Australia
• Early Feeding Clinic.
We will provide information about these services and how to contact them before you go home. Check the list of services in your baby’s health record book.

More information

Maternity services

Baby and Parenting Support Service (BAPSS)