Insurance and Accounts for Maternity Patients

The birth of your baby will incur several separate costs. Costs associated with the hospital will include our hospital fees and any sundry expenses associated with your stay (e.g. phone calls, partner meals etc). Hospital fees are covered by your health fund (if applicable) and sundry items are an out of pocket expense payable on discharge

Please always check if your level of health insurance cover and length of membership covers the cost of your obstetric admission. If you have had health insurance for less than 12 months your insurer may not accept liability for the costs of this admission. 

If you are covered, it may not be for the full amount. Ask if an excess is payable for this admission and what amount the excess is. 

The cost of your specialist's care and any other services (e.g. allied health) involved in your care will be billed separately, as these services are delivered by independent individual practitioners.  

Pharmacy and pathology, imaging and x-rays are provided by separate service providers and will also attract additional charges - these will also be billed separately.

Private health insurance

If you are covered by private health insurance, please contact your health fund to determine: 
• if your cover is up to date and covers your obstetric admission
• if you have to pay an excess
• if you are covered if you have any additional charges for allied health services
• what happens if your baby needs special care. 

IMPORTANT: Please check if your health fund covers your baby/babies should they require admission to the Special Care Nursery or is/are born with congenital abnormalities.

Paying your account

Private patients 

Any portion of your estimated hospital account that is not covered by your health insurer is to be paid on admission. Any additional costs incurred during your stay, including costs associated with your baby’s admission (if required), are payable prior to discharge.

Uninsured patients 

St Vincent’s Hospital offers an interest free payment plan for un-insured patients.

For more information about this option, please see the section below on Certegy Ezi-Pay Express, and give yourself time to get this process organised.

Total payment (aside from any ancillary charges) is required 6 weeks prior to your expected delivery date.

Payment may be made by EFTPOS, credit card, cash or bank cheque. 

Please note: personal cheques and American Express are not accepted. 

Other costs which may be incurred during your stay are payable on discharge. 

Interest free payment plan 

Certegy Ezi-Pay Express is a no-interest health care payment plan that is available to approved St Vincent’s Hospital patients. 

Contact us

For more information about costs and your account, please contact our Administration Manager on 07 4690 4104. 

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