What To Bring on Admission Day

Motherhood may be a new undertaking for you. To help you plan, here is a handy list of items you need to pack for you and your new baby during your stay in hospital. The care of you and your new baby is always our focus.

Paperwork, identification and clinical information

Please bring your admission booklet with your Request for Admission Form and any letters from your doctor for the hospital, as well as:
• X-rays and scans (relevant to your admission) 
• Signed consent form (ask your doctor for this form) 
• ID photos of both parents (for baby security reasons) - a recent snapshot is sufficient 
• Doctor’s antenatal card 
• Medicare card 
• Pension Card/Health Benefits Card/Pharmacy Benefits/Safety Net Card 
• Credit card or means to pay for any out-of-pocket expenses.

Current medications

Please bring your current medications in their pharmacy-dispensed containers in a separate plastic bag, not in your luggage. Include a clearly written list of your medication, dosage and how often it is taken. 

Personal items

For your comfort:
• Casual clothes to wear during the day 
• Large disposable pants (1 pack) or old underwear 
• Nursing bra and nursing pads 
• Three packets of sanitary pads – maternity or overnight pads 
• Slippers or comfortable shoes 
• Pen, stationery, address book and stamps 
• Toiletries and cosmetics 
• Tissues 
• Mobile phone, camera and charger/batteries 
• List of phone numbers to contact after the birth of your baby 
• Your own pillow if you prefer 
• Going home clothes for you 
• Glasses, contact lens, hearing aids etc. 

For your baby 

• One packet of disposable nappies and baby wipes (hospital disposable nappies available if required) 
• Baby bath solution of your choice
• Baby clothes (jumpsuits, singlets, bootees) 
• Formula of your choice, bottles and teats (if not breastfeeding) 
• Baby pacifiers (dummies) – optional 
• Going home clothes 
• Baby shawl/bunny rug/muslin wrap (hospital wraps available if required)
• Baby towel and face washer (hospital ones provided if required).

What to leave at home

St Vincent’s Private Hospital does not accept responsibility for valuables brought into the hospital - please do not wear jewellery or bring valuables with you. 

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