When To Come To Hospital

There are signs and symptoms that if you experience you should contact your doctor or our birthing suite immediately. Please always contact the Labour Ward prior to coming in on phone 07 4690 4125. 

Contact your doctor or the birthing suite if you experience: 

• decreased or increased baby movement 
• broken waters or a continuous leakage of fluid (with or without contractions)
• vaginal bleeding 
• regular contractions
• constant abdominal pain
• experience trauma to the abdomen (e.g. car accident, assault or falls)
• excessive swelling of the ankles, legs, feet and/hands
• persistent itchy skin
• pain or burning when passing urine.

Recognising premature labour

You are in premature labour if you have not reached week 37 of your pregnancy and you are experiencing:

• uterine contractions every 10 minutes or more, for more than one hour
• any pain
• any bleeding. 

If you have any concerns at all, please phone the labour ward on telephone 07 4690 4125. 

Arriving at hospital at night 

To keep our patients safe, Entrance 1 is secured after 8pm. If you arrive at hospital after 8pm, enter via our Emergency Department, Entrance 6, on Herries Street. 

You will be directed to the Dorothea Devine Maternity Unit. 

There is a special parking bay for maternity patients at the Emergency Department entrance. Once you are safely in the Dorothea Devine Maternity Unit, your lift giver must move the car from the Emergency parking bay so that other patients can use the after hours access. For more information go to parking.

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