Oncoplastic Surgery for Breast Cancer

Oncoplastic Surgery

Treatment options for breast cancer research have advanced and the standard of care for breast cancer surgery is now widely recognised as oncoplastic surgery, an approach incorporating advanced surgical techniques that focus on eradicating cancer while maximising the cosmetic result following surgery. 

This aesthetic approach greatly enhances the range of options that can be offered to breast cancer patients. Oncoplastic options encompass a range of techniques that span from very simple and functional, to more complex reconstruction and cosmetic procedures. Some can be offered at the time of the initial surgery, while others can be offered at a later stage. The options available depend on the patient’s breast cancer characteristics, body shape and their desired outcomes. 

The primary aim of breast cancer surgery is always to remove the cancerous cells – oncoplastic surgery offers the extra benefit of excellent cosmetic results. This is achieved by minimising the physical effects of surgery, which can include asymmetry and/or deformity – significant outcomes that can affect the patient’s confidence and self-image. By aiming to preserve the patient’s physical appearance, oncoplastic surgery can help restore feelings of confidence, self-esteem and femininity, thus promoting emotional healing and a better outcome after cancer surgery.

Breast cancer patients should consider oncoplastic surgical options if surgery is indicated for treatment. The patient needs to think about their immediate or delayed options for reconstruction so that their surgery can be planned appropriately to help ensure the breast cancer is eradicated and a favourable cosmetic result is achieved if desired. 

Ask your breast surgeon if you are a candidate for oncoplastic breast surgery.

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Dr Lee Ong is an Oncoplastic Breast and General Surgeon who performs a full range of breast surgery for benign and malignant conditions including immediate breast reconstruction as well as cosmetic breast augmentation and gynaecomastia procedure.