Pre-admission is the important first step in your admission process. It helps us to deliver quality health care that is appropriate to your specific needs during your hospital stay.

After your consultation with your surgeon or specialist, you will be advised to contact our Pre Admission Centre on 1800 655 099 (toll free).

During this call we will:

  • confirm your admission date
  • collect your personal and financial details (confidentially)
  • schedule an appointment to speak with a registered nurse (phone or face-to-face).

Your pre-admission clinical assessment

The purpose of the pre admission with the registered nurse is to:

  • assess your medical fitness for anaesthesia and surgery
  • provide you with information as to what you can expect before and after surgery
  • answer any questions you or your family have about your admission and discharge requirements
  • streamline your admission on the day of surgery by providing you with the best possible preparation and reduce the chance of cancellation on the day.

Pre Anaesthetic Clinic

If you have significant medical conditions or are booked to have complex surgery, your surgeon may refer you to the Pre Anaesthetic Clinic for review by an anaesthetist. This appointment will take place 1-2 weeks before your surgery. Please bring any relevant X-rays, a current list of your medications and any specialist letters and test results. Allow two to three hours for your appointment.

The Pre Admission Centre is located adjacent to the lifts at Entrance 1.