Surgical post operative services

Surgical patients are cared for in our 31-bed general surgical ward, St Damian’s Unit. This unit provides care to patients undergoing general surgery, including bowel surgery, plastic surgery, endoscopies and urological surgery.

You will be transferred to your room following your surgery. Relatives are welcome to telephone the hospital later in the day to enquire about your progress and your bed allocation.

Morning rounds

Each day patients are seen by a doctor to check their recovery (usually between 6-8am). Your family members are welcome to be present at doctor’s rounds, as we encourage patient and/or family involvement in patient care and clinical handover.

The nursing staff at St Damian’s Unit has extensive experience in post-operative care and provide expert clinical treatment for patients who have had general surgery. The St Damian’s Unit team work alongside the surgeons to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients.

Stoma care

We provide specialised care for patients with stomas. Our four stomatherapy nurses play an important part in your recovery and ongoing care. The education about stoma care begins in hospital post-operatively and after discharge follow-up care and advice is available. To contact a stomatherapy nurse please call the ward on 07 4690 4142.

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