Surgical Services - St Damian's Unit

The surgical expertise of our specialists and our high-tech, well-equipped operating theatres means that our perioperative services are among some of the best in Queensland.

We offer services in:

  • endoscopy
  • oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • orthopaedic surgery
  • ear, nose and throat surgery
  • gynaecology and obstetrics
  • general surgery
  • opthalmology
  • breast and endocrine surgery
  • plastics and reconstructive surgery
  • bariatric surgery.

Our surgical teams include highly experienced surgeons, anaesthetists and nursing staff, ensuring safety and optimal care during your perioperative experience.

Family involvement is encouraged and our surgical team will communicate fully with the patient and family members.

Operating theatres

Our operating theatres have the latest surgical equipment and instrumentation.

SVPHT has four operating theatres, one obstetric theatre and two state of the art endoscopy procedure rooms.

Pre-anaesthetic service

This service caters for patients who require additional assessment, whether they are having a simple procedure or have a complex case. Anaesthetists and staff members from the unit take part in a consultation with the patient prior to surgery to talk about the specific needs of the procedure.

Procedure day

When you arrive at hospital register at reception located at Entrance 1. You will be directed to go to the Day Surgery Unit located on the Ground Floor. All surgery patients are admitted in the Day Surgery Unit, with the exception of patients who are being admitted to hospital the day prior to their surgery.

Your luggage will be stored securely at Entrance 1 and taken to your bedside once you have been transferred to the ward post operatively.

Your medications, consent forms, X-rays and CPAP machine (where applicable) are required prior to surgery and must be taken with you for admission.

If you have come with a support person they will be asked to stay in the initial waiting area.


At the Day Surgery Unit you will change into a gown and the nurse will admit you, review your medical history, record your vital signs, answer questions and prepare you for your surgery or procedure.

You will wait in a lounge until you are required in theatre. Your admission time has been scheduled to minimise your waiting time, however you may have to wait for two to three hours for your surgery, depending on the cases scheduled before you. Please bring some reading or something to occupy you while you wait.

When you are escorted to theatre, your belongings will be stored securely. We advise you to leave valuables at home.

Post-operative care

Surgical patients are cared for in our 31-bed general surgical ward, St Damian’s. Go to post-operative care

More information

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