Occupational therapy

The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to maintain or regain their ability to participate in their activities of everyday life as independently and safely as possible. The St Vincent's occupational therapy team provides person-centric, goal-directed intervention by working with our patients and their families to assist them to achieve what is important to them. In an acute hospital setting the occupational therapist’s role is to firstly assess and monitor a person’s function. Assessments include:

  • Activities of Daily Living Assessments – to provide information about a person’s ability to manage their personal care and domestic duties, and their need for assistance.
  • Cognitive and Perceptual Assessments – to provide information about a person’s capacities with regard to attention, memory and perception.
  • Home Assessments – To ascertain a person’s ability to access their home and function safely within their home environment.

Following the assessment phase, intervention may include:

  • Retraining in functional tasks to improve independence e.g. dressing.
  • Upper limb retraining.
  • Equipment prescription to make tasks safer or easier to perform.
  • Modifying the task or the environment e.g. by recommending grab rails be installed in a shower recess.
  • Help to complete funding applications for equipment or modifications you require to function better at home.
  • Group or Individual Education sessions on falls prevention, use of equipment to enhance function, energy conservation, relaxation and other pain management strategies.

Contact details

Email: TOOccupationalTherapy@svha.org.au