Dr Michael Egerton

Mike Egerton


General Surgeon


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Dr Mike Egerton is a qualified general surgeon with many years of experience performing a wide range of general surgical procedures, including surgery for breast cancer. He is also experienced in a full range of endoscopic procedures. His surgical interests include: 
•    gastroscopies 
•    colonoscopies 
•    breast cancer surgery 
•    colorectal and bowel cancer surgery 
•    upper GI surgery 
•    endocrine surgery 

 Dr Egerton currently holds several clinical positions in Toowoomba; he is a Visiting Medical Officer at St Vincent’s and St Andrew’s Hospitals. He was Director of Surgery at Toowoomba Base Hospital from 1986 to 1991. Dr Egerton was one of the initiators of laparoscopic general surgical interventions in Toowoomba - he also helped other surgeons to implement these minimally invasive procedures in Stanthorpe, Kingaroy and Warwick.