Dr Nisal Gange

Nisal gange


Infinity Specialists Pty Ltd, Suite 2, Level 2, St Vincent's Private Hospital, 22-36 Scott Street, Toowoomba


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Dr Nisal Gange is a geriatrician, stroke and rehabilitation physician who is well known in the area following five years of service at Toowoomba Hospital.  He was trained in Oxford and worked as a consultant physician for a number of years in the UK prior to relocating to Toowoomba with his family. In addition to his services provided to St Vincent’s rehabilitation unit, Dr Gange presently holds the position of Director of Geriatrics, Adult Rehabilitation and Stroke services (GARSS) at the Toowoomba Hospital. 
Dr Gange provides privately billed medical consultation and treatment for the following conditions:
•     Stroke and TIA’s (all ages)
•    Parkinson disease (over the age of 60)
•    Complex Geriatric syndromes such as behavioral issues associated with dementia, memory decline, falls and medication rationalisation.
Services are provided via: 
•    St Vincent’s hospital rehabilitation unit - Inpatients
•    Private practice consultations
•    Telehealth to GP rooms and Nursing homes for eligible patients
•    Nursing Home visits (within 15km of Toowoomba CBD).