What to bring on admission day

Use our handy list to pack everything that you need during your stay in hospital.

Paperwork, identification and clinical information

Please bring your pre-admission booklet and any letters from your doctor for the hospital, as well as:

  • all x-rays and scans (relevant to your admission)
  • your signed consent form (ask your doctor for this form)
  • Medicare Card
  • health fund membership number
  • DVA card and number
  • Pension card/Health Benefits card(s)
  • WorkCover approval letter, number and claim details
  • Accident or Third Party Insurance claim details
  • Pharmacy Benefits card/ Safety Net card.

Current medications

Your current medications in their pharmacy dispensed containers in a separate plastic bag, not in your luggage. Please include a clearly written list of your medication, dosage and how often taken. Include any vitamins and over-the-counter medications you take.  Please be aware all medication administration will be under the supervision of nursing staff.

Paying for your stay

You will be provided with an estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses for your hospitalisation when you contact our Pre Admission Centre. Please note this will not include additional charges such as doctor’s fees.

Other costs which you may incur during your stay are payable on discharge.

Please bring provision for payment of these fees on admission to hospital. Find out how to pay your account, go to accounts and payment information

Personal items

For your comfort

  • casual clothes to wear during the day
  • slippers or comfortable shoes
  • pen, stationery, address book and stamps
  • comfortable night attire, dressing gown and personal toiletries (overnight patients only)
  • glasses and case, contact lenses, hearing aid, denture cup/case, mobility devices and CPAP machine (if applicable).

Electrical appliances brought into hospital must be checked by our maintenance staff. Please let the nursing staff know if you have an appliance that you wish to use during your stay.

What to leave at home

Do not wear jewellery or bring valuables with you. St Vincent’s Hospital does not accept responsibility for valuables brought into the Hospital.

Please leave hot-water bottles and electric blankets at home – we do not permit their use because of the risk of scalding, rupture and injury. Heat packs are also not permitted because of risk of fire when heating in a microwave.