Patient discharge

Discharge planning - Planning to go home


It is very important that you plan for being discharged before your operation. You may be tired for several days, even after minor surgery. If you have had an operation where you have an arm in a sling, need to use a walking aid or have restrictions on the way you can move or drive, you need to plan how you will manage obtaining fresh food, preparing meals and moving around your home.

Access to support should be considered:

  1. Equipment needs
  2. Nutrition support eg: Meals on Wheels
  3. Register with My Aged Care.

Discharge time is 10am

You may require assistance to travel home as it may be preferred that you don’t drive yourself.

Please ensure you have arranged a friend or family member to collect you and accompany you home and care for you on discharge day.

If you are unable to be collected by 10am, the Hospital has a special waiting area for your comfort and convenience.

Please ensure your transport home is organised prior to your admission.


You may discharge yourself from hospital or from treatment at any time. You do so at your own risk and you will be asked to sign a self-discharge form before you leave.

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