Rooms for inpatients

Our patient rooms are spacious and well equipped to ensure your hospital stay is as comfortable as possible.

Our wards feature some shared accommodation but the majority of rooms are for single private accommodation. Most shared accommodation is in the areas of high demand and there are some share rooms located in the children’s ward.

If a patient is hospitalised in a unit where there are shared rooms, the patient can request a private room and, depending on availability, their request will be accommodated. Please note patients are advised to confirm that their health fund covers the cost of admission.

If you require nursing assistance at any time, please use the nurse call bell.

A button for nurse call is located on the handset beside each bed, in the shower and toilet, and in most other patient care areas.

Local telephone calls can be made from your room free of charge. All other calls will require a phone card, which you can purchase from the reception desk.

Each room is equipped with a television. The control for your television is found on the handset, beside your bed. Foxtel channels are available for most rooms.

Daily services


Housekeeping staff will come to your room each day to clean. If you are asleep or the timing is inappropriate they will come back later or the next day. Please notify a member of the nursing staff if you have a concern regarding any aspect of the housekeeping service.


Mail is delivered to your room daily. If you have any outgoing mail, please hand this to the receptionist in your ward.